Never Heard Of It? Hello Friends, I’ll tell you. On the occasion of many regional New Years of South India and North India. I’ll talk about the North-Eastern state Assam’s New Year and harvest festival called ‘Bihu’. It is the most famous and major harvest festival of Assam. Assamese celebrate different seasons of Bihu but … Continue reading PITHA (BIHU SPECIAL)


GULAB JAMUN Hello Friends, Every meal is incomplete without a dessert in plate, sweet dish pampers not only our taste but it has a unique reason to have it. Dessert add more excitement in our meals. It satisfies our souls. So, Today I will talk to you about a popular sweet dish called GULAB JAMUN … Continue reading GULAB JAMUN

How To Make Sattu

Introduction Hi friends, Sattu, as I keep mentioning this ingredient in some of my dishes, today I’m gonna show you what it is and how it is prepared. Ingredients Roasted chickpeas- 250 gms Procedure Put these chick peas in a grinder and grind till it turns to fine coarse flour. This is sattu.   HAPPY … Continue reading How To Make Sattu


INTRODUCTION Hello friends, As Promised, I’m back with a  new sattu recipe. It’s yet another drink but sweeter this time. It’s a healthy sattu smoothie. INGREDIENTS Sattu powder- 2 tablespoons Milk- 1 glass Jaggery Powder or powdered sugar- 1 tablespoon Fennel seed powder- 1 pinch (optional to taste) PROCEDURE In a blender jar, add sattu … Continue reading HEALTHY SATTU SMOOTHIE


INTRODUCTION Hello peeps, “Sattu” means Roasted gram flour. It’s also called “Desi Horlick” in India. It has several health benefits and in summers especially, it’s highly recommended for being a refreshing and health friendly drink.   NUTRIENT QUALITY It has great amount of Protein in it. And quite a good amount of calcium too. So, … Continue reading SATTU SHARBAT (salty)