MODAK (SWEET DUMPLINGS) Ganeshotsav Special

Om Sri Ganeshaya Namah!
The favorite sweet of our beloved Lord Ganesha! Learn it’s recipe here with me and make your Ganeshotsav more special by preparing this bhog yourself. 🙂 Continue reading MODAK (SWEET DUMPLINGS) Ganeshotsav Special



CORN-POTATO CHAAT When we hear the word ‘CHAAT’ our taste buds become active instantly and juices starts secreting. And if the ‘chaat’ is made in a healthy way it becomes ‘Icing on cake’.                So friends, we’ll make quick Chaat recipe with ‘CORN’. Corn is the most popular cereal grains. It is also known as … Continue reading CORN POTATO CHAAT

TIRANGA COCONUT BURFI (Indian Independence Day Special) NOTHING IS MORE PRECIOUS THAN INDEPENDENCE AND LIBERTY.  (HO CHI MINH) HI FRIENDS, 70 Years back on this day’s midnight India entered a new phase of life where it promised its countrymen liberty, freedom and independence from oppression of all sorts. Since then, each year on this day … Continue reading

Panjiri Prasad (Janmashtami Special)

(Janmashtami Special) Whatever happened, was good. What’s happening, it’s going well. Whatever will happen, will also be good. Do not worry for the future. Live in the present. (Lord Krishna) Hello Friends, Jai Shree Krishna!! ^_^ Toady, on the auspicious occasion of Lord Krishna’s birthday celebration, we’ll talk about this festival Janmashtami and our beloved … Continue reading Panjiri Prasad (Janmashtami Special)


MOONG KE BHALLE Hi friends, Indian weather is too hot now a days and I thought, let’s make some light, chatpata but delicious in taste dish to keep our body cool. It is also a street food but I’ll make it in home made style. Time:   25 minutes. Serving: 4 INGREDIENTS Moong dal (split … Continue reading MOONG KE BHALLE

Mango Peda

MANGO-PEDA Namaste Friends, Today I’ll talk to you about a very delicious and pulpy fruit ‘MANGO’. It is called the king of fruits because almost everyone loves to eat it. It is not only tasty but also has several health benefits. NUTRITIONAL VALUE It has vitamin, B6, C, copper, magnesium, potassium, antioxidants, pro biotic fiber … Continue reading Mango Peda