Friends,           Breakfast is the first meal of the day and is often described as the most important thing of the day. It gives us energy for full day activities and helps to break overnight fast. A healthy breakfast is very important to keeps our body fit, active and weight management. It needs for all age … Continue reading CABBAGE-PARATHA


DUM-GOBHI (CAULIFLOWER) Hey Friends! My family is very foodie and ,vegetarian and also like to eat home-made food. So I always try to make something tasty but healthy also for them. So, Friends Today I’ll share with you a veg recipe which is made with cauliflower florets and some rich spices. Cauliflower is a highly … Continue reading DUM-GOBHI (CAULIFLOWER)


ABOUT CHHATH PUJA Friends,                  Today I’ll not talk about food, but I’ll share about a very unique and sacred festival, which is celebrated by lots of devotion and enthusiasm. Fame and glory of this festival is extremely vast. Because it is the festival of worship of Sun … Continue reading CHHATH PUJA