Paneer Mal Pua

Let’s celebrate this famous Indian festival of Colors learning this sweet recipe. Have a very Happy Holi!!! Continue reading Paneer Mal Pua


Chhath Puja: Way And The Science Behind It

Hey Buddies, This is my second blog in the so special Chhath Puja Series. In this I have shared all the basic procedures and the science behind this festival and even the health benefits one attains by following this festival. All in short! Do Read it and get enlightened. 😉 Continue reading Chhath Puja: Way And The Science Behind It


ABOUT CHHATH PUJA Friends,                  Today I’ll not talk about food, but I’ll share about a very unique and sacred festival, which is celebrated by lots of devotion and enthusiasm. Fame and glory of this festival is extremely vast. Because it is the festival of worship of Sun … Continue reading CHHATH PUJA


BESAN BARFI (DIWALI SPECIAL) Friends,                 Today we celebrate the festival of lights known as Diwali. It is one of the most loveliest, sacred and colorful festival of lights and is celebrated by the millions of people around the world. This festival strengthen our friendship and relations.                 Homes are decorated and sweets are distributed. … Continue reading BESAN BARFI (DIWALI SPECIAL)